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Sampling Accessories

Ocean Optics modular spectrometers and accessories can be configured for absorbance, transmission, reflectance, fluorescence, emission or scattering applications. We offer nearly 500 sampling accessories for free space measurements, solid sampling and liquid sampling. Probes and accessories for Raman analysis are also available.

In many setups, sampling accessories collect light or excitation energy that interacts with the sample and is transmitted to the spectrometer. Sampling accessories also include fixtures such as collimating lenses that provide specific sampling geometries.

Field of View (FOV)

Four of our sampling accessories allow users to control FOV and aperture.

Item Image FOV Aperture
Optical Fiber Optical Fiber -- FOV25 25° Same as fiber diameter
Collimating Lens  Collimating Lens -- FOV0-45 up to 45° 3.0 mm
Cosine Corrector  Cosine Corrector -- FOV180 180° 3.9 mm
Integrating Sphere  Integrating Sphere -- FOV360 360° 25 mm


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74-series Collimating Lenses
74-series Collimating Lenses
Single and Achromatic Lenses
In-Line Filter Holder
STAN-ABS Absorbance Standards
STAN-ABS Absorbance Standards
NIST-traceable Photometric Standards for Spectroscopy
Longpass Flow Cells
Longpass Flow Cells
Low-concentration Absorbance Measurements
FIA Series Ultra Short Pathlength Flow Cells
FIA Series Ultra Short Pathlength Flow Cells
Low-volume and High Opacity Absorbance Measurements
FIA Series Microvolume Flow Cells
FIA Series Microvolume Flow Cells
Z-type Flow Cells for Absorbance Measurements
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