Ocean Optics - Inventor of the World's First Miniature Spectrometer
Ocean Optics - Inventor of the World's First Miniature Spectrometer

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Ocean Optics - Inventor of the World's First Miniature Spectrometer

Meet the first modular, OS-independent spectroscopy software platform, exclusively from the inventors of the world's first miniature spectrometer.

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Spectroscopy on Any Operating System
SpectraSuite is a modular, Java-based spectroscopy software platform that operates on Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems. The software can control virtually any Ocean Optics USB spectrometer and device with ease. The SpectraSuite interface looks and feels the same on all operating systems yet retains the familiar appearance of an application native to each OS. Ocean Optics is the first to offer such a flexible, feature-packed application with this level of cross-platform capability.

NOTE: SpectraSuite for Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and Windows 64-bit operating systems is currently in beta. To get more information, please contact an Ocean Optics technical support representative.

Ultimate USB Spectrometer & Device Control
SpectraSuite easily manages multiple USB spectrometers – each with different acquisition parameters – in multiple windows, and provides graphical and numeric representation of spectra from each spectrometer. Using SpectraSuite, you can combine data from multiple sources for applications that include upwelling/downwelling measurements, dual-beam referencing and process monitoring.

Modular Framework
The SpectraSuite framework is modular. Among the modules that have been released to date are the core files, Absolute Irradiance, and Strip Charts. You or your Ocean Optics application developer can customize SpectraSuite through Java code.

Advanced Data Capture Control
SpectraSuite provides the user with advanced control of episodic data capture attributes. For instance, a user can acquire data for a fixed number of scans or for a specific interval. Initiation of each scan can be externally triggered or event-driven. Captured data is quickly stored into system memory at speeds as fast as 1 scan per millisecond, with speeds limited by hardware performance.

Color Capabilities in SpectraSuite

  • Reflective and emissive color
  • CIE 1931 and CIE 1965 observers
  • CIE illuminants A, B, C, D50, D55, D65, D75, E (unity), F1-F12
  • CIE x,y chromacitity diagram with optional Planckian locus
  • Color spaces
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI)
  • General CRI Ra
  • Special CRI R1-R15
  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)
  • Dominant wavelength and purity
  • u'v'w', u,v hue angle, u,v saturation
  • CIE whiteness and tint
  • CIELAB (L*a*b*, hue-angle, chroma)
  • Hunter Lab

Peak Metrics in SpectraSuite

  • Center wavelength
  • Centroid
  • Integral
  • Pixel Full-Width at Half-Max (FWHM)
  • Wavelength FWHM
  • 90% Bandwidth
  • Pixel FWQM
  • Peak wavelength
  • Peak pixel

SpectraSuite Pricing

Item Description Price
SPECTRASUITE Cross-platform Spectroscopy Operating Software $209
SPECTRASUITE-U SpectraSuite annual upgrade subscription fee Call for Price
SPECTRASUITE-20 Site license for SpectraSuite allows up to 20 copies Call for Price
SPECTRASUITE-E Site license for SpectraSuite allows up to 40 copies for educational institutions only Call for Price
SPECTRASUITE-S SpectraSuite site license; authorizes unlimited copies of the software Call for Price
SPECTRASUITE-20-U SpectraSuite annual upgrade subscription fee (20 copies) Call for Price
SPECTRASUITE-E-U SpectraSuite annual upgrade subscription fee (40 copies) Call for Price
SPECTRASUITE-S-U SpectraSuite annual upgrade subscription fee (unlimited copies) Call for Price

64-Bit Windows
As with the beta release, it's important to note that, after running the installer and installing SpectraSuite for the first time, driver installation will be slightly different.

If you've already installed a previous 64-bit beta release, you'll need to first uninstall SpectraSuite, plug in your spectrometer and uninstall the spectrometer driver from the Windows Device Manager.

When you plug your spectrometer back in, the Found New Hardware Wizard will appear. Choose to specify the location of the drivers and, when prompted for a file location, browse to the SystemFiles directory of the SpectraSuite installation (default is C:\Program Files\Ocean Optics\SpectraSuite\SystemFiles). Now, you can continue through the wizard to complete installation. If prompted for a location of a DLL, check in C:\ProgramFiles\OceanOptics\SpectraSuite\SystemFiles\amd64.

SpectraSuite in the Future
SpectraSuite is constantly evolving. Be sure to check for updates via SpectraSuite's Update Center. With the purchase of SpectraSuite, you are entitled to one year of free, web-based automatic upgrades.

For our current SpectraSuite customers, the latest software version and new modules of our software are available from the SpectraSuite menu (Tools | Update Center).

Need Additional Assistance?
If you need support or answers, please be sure to contact an Ocean Optics Applications Scientist or telephone us at +1 727-733-2447 during regular business hours (GMT-5)

Contact an Ocean Optics Applications Scientist

Software Updates

SpectraSuite Photometric & Colorimetric Capabilities



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