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5 Great Things About Flame Spectrometers

Imagine a miniature spectrometer that gives you the familiar benefits of modular spectroscopy – without compromise. Flame is designed with the performance-enhancing features you’ve asked for and produced using industry-leading manufacturing techniques refined from decades of experience. Here are five great reasons to consider Flame for your next application:

1. Flame spectrometers are highly configurable.Flame spectrometer at angle

With Flame, users can select among detectors, optical bench accessories and filter options to configure systems for thousands of applications. Its interchangeable slit design lets users adjust resolution and throughput on demand. Switch between absorbance and fluorescence measurements with ease.

2. Flame has great thermal stability.

Advances in optical design and assembly processes have resulted in a spectrometer with thermal stability of 0.05 nm/°C over a 650 nm range. This is significant for process and similar applications where maintaining measurement consistency in a changing environment is critical. (Learn more about thermal stability.)

3. Flame is produced with low unit to unit variation.

New manufacturing techniques that combine the best of automated processes with the artistry of precision assembly have dramatically improved spectrometer to spectrometer reproducibility. This benefits OEMs and integrators who appreciate the small size and great value of miniature spectrometers, but require highly consistent performance from unit to unit.

Flame transmission spectra in OceanView

As these transmission measurements attest, Flame delivers consistent results from unit to unit under varying temperature conditions.

4. Using the Flame is fun — and simple.

On-line QC with Flame

Multipoint absorbance sampling using three Flame spectrometers. The spectral data captured with this setup is shown under Reason No. 3 above.

You spoke, we listened. Flame has new features to enhance the user experience, from interchangeable slits for measurement flexibility to device connectors for plug and play operation, simple coupling to external devices or integration into OEM devices. New LED indicators provide a quick visual reference for spectrometer status.


5. Flame is available at a sizzling discount with trade-in.

For a limited time, trade in any model spectrometer to save USD 1000/EUR 800/GBP 600 on the purchase of the new Flame. You’ll save nearly 40% on the base price of standard Flame models. This trade-in offer expires May 15, 2015.

Learn more about Flame spectrometers or contact us for details.