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5 Great Things About Your Favorite Spectrometers

Ocean Optics USB model spectrometers (USB2000+/USB4000) are versatile spectrometers for UV, Visible and Shortwave NIR (200-1100 nm) applications. Their compact size, robust optoelectronics and modular design help rank them among the most frequently specified miniature spectrometers in the world. Here are five things to consider when evaluating Ocean Optics USB model spectrometers for your next application:

1. USB series spectrometers are remarkably versatile.

USB Optical BenchUSB spectrometers are the flagship performers of our spectrometer line, enabling thousands of applications across research and industry. Each instrument’s small footprint, stray light and system responsiveness make its optical bench a good starting place for many applications. The USB2000+ and USB4000 models have the same optical bench and configuration options, but differ slightly in performance due to the detector used.


  USB2000+ USB4000
USB2000+ USB4000
Detector: Sony ILX511B, 2048 pixels Toshiba  TCD1304AP, 3648 pixels
Wavelength response
(200-1100 nm):
Good UV response; best for applications <350 nm Good Shortwave NIR response; best for applications >650 nm
Integration time: 1 ms-65 seconds 3.8 ms-10 seconds
Signal to noise: 250:1 (full signal) 300:1 (full signal)
Electronic shutter: No Yes

2. USB Spectrometers take the measurement to the sample.

As spectrometers have become smaller, faster and more powerful, applications once considered impractical outside of the laboratory are now feasible. USB2000+/USB4000 spectrometers connect via free-space optics or via optical fiber to light sources and accessories to measure liquids, solids and other samples. Thanks to fiber optics, spectrometers can be installed directly into process lines for measuring quality characteristics, transported into the field for evaluating crop growth or deployed in surface waters for monitoring environmental parameters.

Remote Sensing - UAV

Water Quality Monitoring

LED Sorting System

3. USB spectrometers have provided solutions to thousands of application challenges.

Our USB series spectrometers are versatile instruments for absorption, transmission, reflectance, emission, color and other applications. We work with you to design the best configuration for your measurement, optimizing results whether you are using a single spectrometer for lab work or are integrating thousands of spectrometers into your own instruments. When you combine the versatility of our USB2000+/USB4000 spectrometers with the depth of our in-house knowledge and technical capabilities, you get a company that says “yes” to an amazing array of application challenges.

USB Spectrometer Application Notes of Interest

4. Customized USB2000+/USB4000 spectrometers are scalable.

oem_lineThanks to advances in engineering, software and production, Ocean Optics is able to offer customized solutions with mass production economics. We now have the capacity and flexibility to produce orders of 10,000 units or more per year as successfully as we do 10 units per year. Our ISO 90001:2008 manufacturing facilities worldwide have experienced more upgrades, refinements and improvements in the last five years than at any time in company history. Also, scalability extends not just to spectrometers and accessories, but to embedded systems, sub-assemblies and complete systems.


5. USB Spectrometers are reliable.

Thanks to advances in optoelectronic components, optoelectronic design improvements refined over many years of experience and ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing practices, we can offer spectrometers that last a long time. Ocean Optics has built and delivered nearly 250,000 spectrometers over two decades for all sorts of demanding environments.

Learn more about USB2000+/USB4000 models and other popular spectrometers for OEM applications or contact Ocean Optics for details.