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5 More Great Things about Flame Spectrometers

Flame spectrometers offer all the benefits of modular spectroscopy, with instrument performance refined from decades of design improvements and development of new precision manufacturing techniques.

Since Ocean Optics launched Flame a year ago and posted 5 Great Things About Flame Spectrometers, even more “great things” about Flame have emerged:


1. Flame has multiple detector options.

The Flame optical bench was conceived to accommodate different detectors, offering measurement solutions tailored to customer needs. We now offer linear CCD arrays for UV-Vis applications (FLAME-S and FLAME-T) and an InGaAs detector for the NIR (FLAME-NIR). A back-thinned CCD for high sensitivity applications will be available soon.

2. Flame is now available in an NIR version.

Flame-NIRAbout one-fourth the cost of traditional NIR systems, Flame-NIR pairs a small optical bench with an uncooled InGaAs array detector for spectral response from 950-1650 nm. Flame-NIR spectrometers are available preconfigured or custom configured, with a replaceable slit design that lets users adjust optical resolution and throughput on demand.

3. Flame is more flexible than ever.

With more detectors, gratings and optical bench accessories to choose from, plus a replaceable slit design and new direct-attach accessories, Flame can be customized into hundreds of different configurations.Flame-NIR and Spectra of Acrylic and Polystyrene

4. Flame provides consistent results.

Refinement of Flame spectrometer manufacturing processes has lowered unit to unit variation and improved thermal stability to 0.02 nm/°C over a 650 nm range. This is significant for applications where maintaining measurement consistency across multiple units and in changing environments is critical.

5. Flame is more connected – and provides more functionality as a result.

Cabling accessories are now available for simple control of light sources, electronic and fiber optic accessories, and functions such as external triggering. Also, Flame spectrometers support convenient access and control via application software. Software tools are available at multiple levels of power, complexity and programmability, from our standard OceanView offering to device drivers such as OmniDriver and SeaBreeze.

Small, rugged and easy to integrate, the Flame spectrometer is a great choice for OEMs, researchers and developers who can rely on our decades of experience and more than 250,000 spectrometers delivered.