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Home > How accurate is your DNA analysis?

How accurate is your DNA analysis?

Measuring DNA Absorbance

What Did We Do?

We diluted salmon DNA in water to provide concentrations ranging from 0.15 to 150 µg/mL. Then we measured UV absorbance for each of the samples to evaluate photometric linearity and repeatability. And guess what?! We did not need to change cuvette pathlength thanks to the high dynamic range and signal to noise ratio of the STS-UV spectrometer. Our system is easy to use. It allows you to make powerful measurements of DNA concentrations over wide absorbance levels ranging from 0.005 to more than 1.5 units.

Read Complete Application Note

Measure DNA Concentration in Your Lab

Why Modular Spectroscopy

  • Spectrometer – 
    STS-UV microspectrometer with range 190-650 nm
  • Light Source – 
    DH-2000-BAL deuterium, tungsten halogen light source
  • Cuvette Holder – 
    CUV-UV with precise cuvette positioning
  • Cuvettes – 
    CV-Q-10 Quartz fluorescence cuvette
  • Fiber
    QP450-025-XSR to couple the spectrometer and light source to the sample

Quote Me This Bundle

Absorbance Setup

    • Customize your setup based on your needs
    • Take control of your measurements
    • One instrument for many measurement techniques
    • Do more with less time and money