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Transmission of Solutions Measurements

Ocean Optics modular spectrometers and accessories comprise a flexible toolkit for chemists seeking to understand and monitor how light interacts with matter. Chemical composition, analyte concentration and molecular structure are all readily measured with spectroscopy. Easily configure setups for UV-Vis and NIR absorbance, fluorescence and Raman.


CVD Plastic Cuvettes Group

Sampling Accessories

Choose from over 100 modular options to study gaseous, aqueous or solid samples in a variety of pathlengths and configurations

Example Setup: Raman Analysis


Raman spectroscopy offers benefits for testing and characterization of chemical samples. Like IR spectroscopy, Raman is rapid and non-destructive. It can capture data from a sample contained in plastic or other materials that are optically transparent to the wavelengths of interest.

Ocean Optics offers a range of fully integrated Raman systems for handheld and laboratory applications, as well as modular setups anchored by our high-sensitivity, back-thinned CCD arrays. One such modular setup is described here.


We offer a QE series spectrometer that’s preconfigured for 785 nm Raman analysis, making it an excellent option for chemical identification and fingerprinting. The spectrometer is preset with a grating optimized for Raman response, gold mirrors to increase sensitivity in the optical bench, and a 50 µm slit to maintain good resolution. The setup provides coverage from ~780-1100 nm.

Excitation Laser and Sampling Optics

For 785 nm Raman excitation, we recommend one of our LASER-785 series multimode lasers. Options are available with FC or SMA fiber-coupled output power. Custom excitation ranges are also available.

Raman accessories typically include a probe and sample holder. In the example setup, we selected an RIP-RPB-785-SMA-FC and the RIP-PA-SH Raman sample holder. Safety glasses (LASER-GL-ML1), which are suitable for use with 785 nm, 808 nm and 1064 nm lasers, complete the system.


OceanView spectroscopy software supports Raman experiments, but for more advanced analysis we recommend an add-on chemometrics package such as the RAM-ANIQ-LAB analytical chemistry option.

Raman Analysis System Components

QE65PRO-RAMAN QE series spectrometer preconfigured for 785 nm Raman analysis; modular options for 532 nm and other wavelengths are also available
LASER-785-LAB-ADJ 785 nm diode laser for Raman excitation; 532 nm and other options are available
RIP-PA-SH Raman sample holder
LASER-GL-ML1 Laser safety glasses block 785 nm/808 nm/1064 nm lasers; OD 7+, VLT 45% Green
OceanView Spectrometer operating software
RAM-ANIQ-LAB Single-license chemometrics package from Analyze IQ

Spectra Absorbance of Benzene

Spectra Absorbance of Bleach Samples

Education Kits for Science

Education Kits for Science

Spectroscopy Experiment Kit for Teaching STEM Labs
OCEAN FX Spectrometers

OCEAN FX Spectrometers

Fast Acquisition Speed, Enhanced Communications
SERS Substrates

SERS Substrates

Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
FLAME-CHEM Spectrometer Systems

FLAME-CHEM Spectrometer Systems

Compact Spectrophotometers for Educators and Lab Pros


Diffuse Reflectance Package


Application-Ready System for Absorbance
Flame-NIR Spectrometer

Flame-NIR Spectrometer

Compact NIR Instrument
QE Pro (Custom)

QE Pro (Custom)

High-sensitivity Spectrometer for Low Light Level Applications


High Resolution Spectrometer for Laser Characterization
HL-2000 Family

HL-2000 Family

Tungsten Halogen Light Sources for the Vis-NIR
COL-UV-30 Collimating Lens

COL-UV-30 Collimating Lens

Large-Diameter Single Lens
CHEMUSB4 Spectrometers

CHEMUSB4 Spectrometers

Smart Systems for Education