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Earth Sciences

volcano-2Spectroscopy doesn’t just happen in the lab. Discover where spectroscopy can take you – from coral reefs on the ocean floor to ozone layers atop tall mountains – with Ocean Optics spectrometers and accessories.

Our fiber optic spectrometers bring the measurement to the sample, enabling real-time, in situ analysis of ecological systems, soil samples, volcanic activity and geological formations.


Maya2000 Pro

Maya2000 Pro Spectrometer

Its deep UV response makes the Maya2000 Pro a great choice for monitoring high-latitude volcanic emissions, where solar UV light is limited.

Example Setup: Absorbance of Atmospheric Gases


Absorbance measurements are used to quantify the concentration of solutions and gases (as described in this setup) that absorb light in a media that transmits light. In this case, the transmitting light is solar radiation.

Spectrometer Setup

There are several possible approaches when monitoring atmospheric gases. In this example, we’re using a USB2000+UV-VIS-ES spectrometer preconfigured for the range from 200-850 nm. Optical bench accessories include a detector collection lens for increased throughput. For better response in the UV, one might consider a Maya2000 Pro spectrometer in place of the USB2000+UV-VIS-ES.

Sampling Optics

A 200 mm core solarization-resistant optical fiber and collection optics complete the setup. Depending on the experiment, suitable optical fiber alternatives include a 400 mm or larger core diameter assembly. The length of the fiber in the example setup is 2 meters, although a shorter length can be used. Also, because solar UV radiation may not be intense enough to warrant the use of solarization-resistant fiber, our high OH UV-Vis fiber is an acceptable alternative.

To complete the sampling setup, you have several collection options from which to select: a Gershun tube, which couples directly to the spectrometer or to the fiber and has interchangeable apertures on the sampling side for adjusting the field of view; a 74-UV or 84-UV-25 collimating lens; a cosine corrector, which also can be attached directly to the spectrometer or to the fiber for collecting signal from 180° field of view; and an MFA-C-MOUNT or C-MOUNT-MIC adapter for coupling to a telescope.


OceanView spectroscopy software completes the system.

Absorbance of Atmospheric Gases – System Components

USB2000+UV-VIS-ES This spectrometer is preconfigured for UV-Vis measurements from 200-850 nm in the sample setup. The spectrometer has a 25 µm slit as the entrance aperture, an order-sorting filter and a detector collection lens for increased sensitivity.
QP200-2-SR-BX Solarization-resistant patch cord assembly, 200 µm diameter, 2 meters length, BX jacketing. Larger core diameter fibers in shorter lengths are also acceptable.
OceanView Spectroscopy software
Collection Optics Options
GER-KIT Optical fixture for controlling field of view comprises a narrow aluminum tube with fiber connector on one side and aperture on the other. Multiple interchangeable aperture assemblies are available.
74-UV or 84-UV-25 Collimating lenses for attaching to optical fibers for controlling the field of view of the sampling setup; 74-UV is 5 mm in diameter with 10 mm focal length and 84-UV-25 is 25.4 mm in diameter with 100 mm focal length.
CC-3-UV-S Sampling optic for light collection from 180° field of view; comprises Spectralon® diffusing material in an anodized aluminum fixture.
C-MOUNT-MIC or MFA-C-MOUNT Adapter assembly with internal C-mount threads allows users to couple setups to devices such as telescopes.

Absorbance of Atmospheric Gases



Application-ready System for Plasma Monitoring


High-sensitivity Spectrometer for Fluorescence
Education Kits for Science

Education Kits for Science

Spectroscopy Experiment Kit for Teaching STEM Labs
Flame Spectrometer

Flame Spectrometer

High Thermal Stability, Interchangeable Slits - Now 10% Off!
STS Developers Kit

STS Developers Kit

Connect, Code, Create with New Sensing Tools
QE Pro (Custom)

QE Pro (Custom)

High-sensitivity Spectrometer for Low Light Level Applications
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