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Earth Sciences

volcano-2Spectroscopy doesn’t just happen in the lab. Discover where spectroscopy can take you – from coral reefs on the ocean floor to ozone layers atop tall mountains – with Ocean Optics spectrometers and accessories.

Our fiber optic spectrometers bring the measurement to the sample, enabling real-time, in situ analysis of ecological systems, soil samples, volcanic activity and geological formations.


Maya2000 Pro

Maya2000 Pro Spectrometer

Its deep UV response makes the Maya2000 Pro a great choice for monitoring high-latitude volcanic emissions, where solar UV light is limited.

Example Setup: Absorbance of Atmospheric Gases


Absorbance measurements are used to quantify the concentration of solutions and gases (as described in this setup) that absorb light in a media that transmits light. In this case, the transmitting light is solar radiation.

Spectrometer Setup

There are several possible approaches when monitoring atmospheric gases. In this example, we’re using a USB2000+UV-VIS-ES spectrometer preconfigured for the range from 200-850 nm. Optical bench accessories include a detector collection lens for increased throughput. For better response in the UV, one might consider a Maya2000 Pro spectrometer in place of the USB2000+UV-VIS-ES.

Sampling Optics

A 200 mm core solarization-resistant optical fiber and collection optics complete the setup. Depending on the experiment, suitable optical fiber alternatives include a 400 mm or larger core diameter assembly. The length of the fiber in the example setup is 2 meters, although a shorter length can be used. Also, because solar UV radiation may not be intense enough to warrant the use of solarization-resistant fiber, our high OH UV-Vis fiber is an acceptable alternative.

To complete the sampling setup, you have several collection options from which to select: a Gershun tube, which couples directly to the spectrometer or to the fiber and has interchangeable apertures on the sampling side for adjusting the field of view; a 74-UV or 84-UV-25 collimating lens; a cosine corrector, which also can be attached directly to the spectrometer or to the fiber for collecting signal from 180° field of view; and an MFA-C-MOUNT or C-MOUNT-MIC adapter for coupling to a telescope.


OceanView spectroscopy software completes the system.

Absorbance of Atmospheric Gases – System Components

USB2000+UV-VIS-ES This spectrometer is preconfigured for UV-Vis measurements from 200-850 nm in the sample setup. The spectrometer has a 25 µm slit as the entrance aperture, an order-sorting filter and a detector collection lens for increased sensitivity.
QP200-2-SR-BX Solarization-resistant patch cord assembly, 200 µm diameter, 2 meters length, BX jacketing. Larger core diameter fibers in shorter lengths are also acceptable.
OceanView Spectroscopy software
Collection Optics Options
GER-KIT Optical fixture for controlling field of view comprises a narrow aluminum tube with fiber connector on one side and aperture on the other. Multiple interchangeable aperture assemblies are available.
74-UV or 84-UV-25 Collimating lenses for attaching to optical fibers for controlling the field of view of the sampling setup; 74-UV is 5 mm in diameter with 10 mm focal length and 84-UV-25 is 25.4 mm in diameter with 100 mm focal length.
CC-3-UV-S Sampling optic for light collection from 180° field of view; comprises Spectralon® diffusing material in an anodized aluminum fixture.
C-MOUNT-MIC or MFA-C-MOUNT Adapter assembly with internal C-mount threads allows users to couple setups to devices such as telescopes.

Absorbance of Atmospheric Gases



Application-ready Flame Spectrometer System for Plasma Monitoring


Application-ready System for Plasma Monitoring


High-sensitivity Spectrometer for Fluorescence
Education Kits for Science

Education Kits for Science

Spectroscopy Experiment Kit for Teaching STEM Labs
Flame Spectrometer

Flame Spectrometer

High Thermal Stability, Interchangeable Slits
STS Developers Kit

STS Developers Kit

Connect, Code, Create with New Sensing Tools
QE Pro (Custom)

QE Pro (Custom)

High-sensitivity Spectrometer for Low Light Level Applications