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Physics & Astronomy

Plasma Ball

From Galileo and Newton to Sagan and Hawking, great thinkers have studied light to explore how the universe works. Today, Ocean Optics collaborates with scientists and researchers as they use our spectrometers and accessories to measure, move and apply light, helping to unlock mysteries, expand knowledge and take on challenges facing our world and beyond.



High Resolution Spectrometers

Resolution customizable down to 0.05 nm for applications from atomic spectroscopy to laser characterization

Example Setup: HR4000 Spectrometer


The HR4000 High-resolution Spectrometer is ideal for measuring the spectral characteristics and intensity of continuous-wave and pulsed lasers. For high-power lasers, an integrating sphere or cosine corrector attenuates the light to avoid saturating the CCD detector array. OceanView software captures peak parameters and other spectral information.


The HR4000 Spectrometer uses our “HR” Optical Bench, which is designed to yield high optical resolution in a compact optical bench, making it suitable for resolving fine spectral features.

For laser characterization, we recommend a grating with a high groove density. A good option is the H6 1200 mm-1 grating set to a 750-925 nm wavelength range, complemented in the optical bench with a 5 µm slit as the entrance aperture. This configuration provides ~0.12 nm resolution (FWHM). For better resolution consider an 1800 mm-1 or 2400 mm-1 grating.

Additional spectrometer options for high-resolution measurements include the HR2000+, which has slightly faster integration time than the HR4000; and the STS microspectrometer, a very small-footprint but highly reproducible unit that is excellent for large-volume customization projects.

Sampling Optics

There are several possible sampling setups for your laser measurement: a CC-3-UV cosine corrector with an optical fiber; the FOIS-1 integrating sphere with a fiber; or fiber assembly coupled to the laser. Optical posts hold the optical fixtures in place.

Laser Analysis System Components

HR4000 high-resolution spectrometer We recommend configuring the spectrometer with Grating #6 set for 750-925 nm, with a 5 µm slit as the entrance aperture
FOIS-1 Fiber optic integrating sphere for collecting the signal
OPM series Optical Post Mounts Optical post mounts (multiple options available) for holding the integrating sphere and other components
QP400-2-VIS-NIR Premium-grade patch cord assembly, 2 m length, 400 µm diameter
OceanView Spectrometer operating software

Example Setup 1 - Laser Characterization

Spectra Solar Spectrum

Spectra Absorbance Measurement



Application-ready Flame Spectrometer System for Plasma Monitoring
NEW! Calibration Sources (-2 series)

NEW! Calibration Sources (-2 series)

New Calibration Sources Offer Added Convenience


Application-ready System for Plasma Monitoring
Flame Spectrometer

Flame Spectrometer

High Thermal Stability, Interchangeable Slits
Flame-NIR Spectrometer

Flame-NIR Spectrometer

Compact NIR Instrument
STS Developers Kit

STS Developers Kit

Connect, Code, Create with New Sensing Tools
QE Pro (Custom)

QE Pro (Custom)

High-sensitivity Spectrometer for Low Light Level Applications
HR4000 (Custom)

HR4000 (Custom)

High Resolution Spectrometer for Maximum Flexibility
HR2000+ (Custom)

HR2000+ (Custom)

Custom High Resolution Spectrometer for Maximum Flexibility