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Applied Spectral Knowledge for Life Sciences

Partnering with Ocean Optics for a Healthier World

From health issues associated with aging populations to the growing demand for faster, more accurate diagnostic tools, we need analytical instrumentation that is simpler to use, smarter and faster than ever before. Here is how Ocean partners with product development teams and cutting-edge researchers to apply spectral knowledge to deliver the next generation of healthcare solutions:


Developers of Instrumentation for Biomedical and Life Sciences

With Ocean, device developers get a partner with years of experience collaborating on “copy exact” products for instrument integration and a keen understanding of what it takes to help you develop a product from concept to reality: robust products, deep applications knowledge, on-time delivery and bespoke support at every development stage.


Challenge: Applying analytical techniques like spectroscopy to biomedical and life sciences challenges requires a carefully considered combination of scalable hardware, application know-how and algorithm development


Solution: Compact spectrometers, multispectral sensors and chemical sensors from Ocean Optics are ideal for embedding into instrumentation, with integration options including compo­nents, subsystems and turnkey solutions


Applications: Point of care diagnostics including blood gas testing and biochemical assays; DNA/RNA analysis including PCR; drug development; tissue monitoring, protein analysis


Case History: When Malvern Panalytical sought a partner in developing a new particle characterization system using Raman spectroscopy, the Europe-based analytical instrumentation manufacturer turned to Ocean Optics.


Over a two-year period, Ocean and Malvern Panalytical worked closely to define the technical scope of the project, taking advantage of Ocean’s UK-based support team to conduct face-to-face meetings and hands-on sessions. Malvern Panalytical’s earlier R&D work with Ocean on miniature spectrometers provided familiarity and confidence.


To help achieve Malvern Panalytical’s objectives, Ocean drew on a multi-disciplinary project team including in-house experts in applications, optics, software, testing and commercialization. After considerable technical challenges and customer collaboration, the result was a subsystem – spectrometer, laser, optics and software – that Malvern Panalytical could integrate into what became its Morphologi 4-ID system. Each component of the system was designed, selected and assembled in synergy with Malvern Panalytical to optimize the experience. Ocean and Malvern Panalytical remain engaged as the project further evolves, aligning service, support and supply chains to ensure continued success.


QA and Process Engineers in Manufacturing

Ocean Optics appreciates that increasing production yield, reducing waste and improving efficiency can lead to big gains for biomedical manufacturers. For some, even small savings or improvements can be the difference between success and survival. Spectral sensing instrumentation that is accurate, reliable and built around solutions to give better operating decision data can help drive success.



Challenge: Operations managers and QA engineers need reliable process monitoring devices with data integrity, limited down time and minimal maintenance and calibration requirements


Solution: Ocean spectral solutions are non-contact, non-destructive tools capable of real-time, repeatable measurements in-line, at-line and in the R&D lab


Applications: Monitoring oxygen and pH in bioreactor environments; Raman analysis of pharma raw materials such as active ingredients and fillers; quality assurance of edible oils and essential oils and fragrances; optics testing and coating characterization


Case History: For biotechnology developers and producers, maintaining optimal control of bioprocesses benefits greatly from having instruments and sensors that are easily introduced to bioreactor environments, are non-invasive and minimize contamination. Essentially, you want the sensor to conform to your environment – not the other way around.


As one recent customer developing active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) discovered, Ocean optical oxygen and pH sensors could be used in adhesive patch form and placed inside its bioreactor to provide real-time analysis of conditions, without consuming the sample. That’s important because various factors put a premium on precise process control: the pharma industry’s significant investment in R&D; the regulatory nature of the business environment; and the high demand for pharmacological solutions to emerging health issues.


Other Ocean customers have focused on integrating our sensors into instrumentation such as mini-bioreactors, wireless sensors for aquaculture and single-use devices for measuring parameters within bioprocess fluid streams. In each case, the customer opted for our optical oxygen and pH sensors to avoid limitations associated with traditional electrochemical-based sensors, including interference with the environment and susceptibility to changing conditions. This added value to the finished instrumentation that helped distinguish our customers’ offerings from what competitors could offer.


How to Partner with Us

The Ocean team is ready to be your partner. We want to understand the unique needs of your marketplace and applications to collaborate on solutions unique to your company, in a cost-effective and timely manner.


Ocean Optics is more than a supplier of spectral sensing components. Our applications knowledge, engineering design and manufacturing capabilities and experience in developing highly customized solutions is what sets us apart. We aim to help you build or expand market share by being a partner in the process.


The modular design of our products allows you to source at the component, subassembly, or system level. Our line of spectrometers, multispectral imaging sensors, light sources and accessories are compact, portable, and low in power consumption, enabling rapid time to market for your ideas on a scalable platform.


To learn more, contact us at [email protected], use the form at or click on CONTACT US BY PHONE at for the support office nearest you.