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Dunedin, Florida, USA

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Duiven, The Netherlands

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Ocean Optics GmbH Sales,
Service & Support Facility
Ostfildern, Germany

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for the
United Kingdom

+44 1865-811118


Sales, Service
& Support Facilities
Shanghai, PRC – Beijing, PRC

+86 21-6295-6600


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About Us

Ocean Optics is more than a spectroscopy company. Ocean Optics is a company rooted in the opportunities enabled by new optical measurement technologies, active in nearly every market, industry and aspect of life.

We began as a small group of scientists with a single measurement challenge and today we are a global photonics enterprise, yet we remain grounded in the moment when people, ideas and technology come together to solve a problem. It is this affinity with the people and technology we work with, combined with a never-ending desire to improve, that inspires us.


As increasing populations age and are faced with new social and environmental challenges, the demand for healthcare rises, resources – food, water and energy – become ever scarcer, and the actions of individuals can affect the entire world.

Ocean Optics seeks to be at the forefront of solving pending challenges for the quality of life for all. It is the possibility of modular spectroscopy overcoming these challenges that fuels our passion – a passion that finds its way into everything we do. How can you help to change the world for the better? We look forward to discovering that answer, together!

Be part of a flexible, forward-thinking work environment that encourages skilled, highly motivated professionals to put their ideas to work in developing and supporting the most innovative line of photonics technologies on the market.


We promote the potential of modular spectroscopy to help the world, working always in close collaboration with our customers.

With offices in nine different countries across  four continents and a network of more than 100 distributors, we offer our customers local support, globally. We communicate in both the technical and business language of our customers, and work together to create strong businesses and a better future for people worldwide.

Halma PLC

Ocean Optics is owned by Halma PLC, whose business is about protecting life and improving the quality of life for people worldwide.  Halma operates a decentralised structure, with more than 40 autonomous operating companies. Halma’s core values are achievement, innovation, empowerment and customer satisfaction. Within Halma, Ocean Optics operates independently within the Environmental and Analysis Sector. Like Ocean Optics, the companies within this sector make products and technologies for analysis in safety, life sciences and environmental markets.