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How do I connect a PX-2 to my USB4000 or USB2000+ spectrometer?

The USB-ADP-PX2 adapter was originally designed for use with an USB2000 spectrometer. It is however, also compatible with the newer USB4000 and USB2000+ spectrometers. The commonly used HD15 to10 pin PX-2 adapter allows for a quick and easy connection to the PX-2 Pulsed Xenon Lamp provided the user is familiar with the orientation of the adapter.

NOTE: It is important not to confuse the USB-ADP-PX2 adapter with the USB-ADP-PC adapter that is used only for RS-232 serial communications with a PC or PC-style interface. The difference between them is that the USB-ADP-PX2 has a High Density DB-15 connector (15pins-looks like a PC monitor connector) and the USB-ADP-PC has a DB-9 or 9 pin connector that is commonly used for serial communications. Although different, they both connect the same way to the spectrometer.

The USB-ADP-PX2 adapter connection for a USB4000/USB2000+ is different because of the 22-pin accessory connector on the side of the spectrometer. The simplest way to connect is to align the screws on the DB-9 connector with the threaded holes on the spectrometer body below the accessory connector. Another way to verify correct installation is to look at the pins and sockets as you connect the adapter. You should be off by one pin position from the left of the centerline of the spectrometer (this is facing the spectrometer from the front).

After connecting the adapter to your spectrometer, you will want to be certain that power is connected to the PX-2 Light Source and that the 15 pin cable is connected to the lamp and to the adapter. The last connection you should make is the USB cable from the PC to the spectrometer.



Pulsed Xenon Light Source