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How do I convert a SpectraSuite .procfile into .txt?

  1. On the main toolbar, goto File → Convert Spectra
  2. A new File Converter Window will open
  3. At the top it will say, “Convert File From”
  4. Click the “…” button
  5. A new window will open.  Locate the file you want to open.  (Be sure to change the file type extension at the bottom of this window to reflect the type of file you want to convert — in this example, ProcSpec)
  6. Select the file you want to convert
  7. Click on the Covert File button
  8. This will take you back to the File Converter Window.
  9. Change the File Type that you want your filed saved as. (Click on the down arrow next to the box that says file type and choose the extension desired – in this example, Tab Delimited – which is a text file)
  10. Then click on the […] button next to Save to Directory
  11. A new window will open up.
  12. Select the folder you would like this new file to be saved as. (Do not put in a file name here.)
  13. Click on Save.
  14. This takes you back to the File Converter Window.
  15. Now choose a new Base Filename, or check the “Keep file name” box
  16. Select number of padding digits (this will add numbers after your base name—view in the Preview box below)
  17. Click on “Convert”.