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How do I extract data from a ProcSpec file without SpectraSuite?

  1. Copy your ProcSpec file and paste into a new folder.
  2. Change the .ProcSpec extension of the file to .zip
  3. This will change the file into a zip folder that has 3 files in it.
  4. Open the third file with extension .xml with Word Pad. (Notepad does not open all the columns of data.)
  5. When you open this file it will have all the data – Pixels values (Scope data), Wavelengths, Processed data, Dark data, Reference data
  6. Copy the column of data for all the wavelengths and paste it into Excel.
  7. Then copy the column of data for Processed data and paste it into the next column of Excel.
  8. You can use the Edit/Find and Replace function in Excel to Delete the <double> and replace with nothing
  9. Do the same for replace </double> with nothing
  10. Graph this data. This is your Processed spectrum.