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Home > Frequently Asked Questions > Products > Accessories > How do I monitor two samples using the FOS-2X2-TTL Dual Switch?

How do I monitor two samples using the FOS-2X2-TTL Dual Switch?

FOS-2X2-TTL Setup DiagramIn the diagram shown here, light enters a bifurcated fiber assembly and then splits into two legs, each one transmitting light to a sample. Light interacts with each sample and transmits through a second set of fibers, each of which connects to a port on the FOS-2X2-TTL.

On the spectrometer side of the setup, a bifurcated fiber assembly collects light from the FOS-2X2-TLL and funnels it to the spectrometer. With the FOS-2X2-TTL in place, you can activate the shutter on either light channel in order to get “clean” data from each sample. An alternative is to add a second spectrometer channel to monitor the second sample.


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FOS-2X2-TTL Fiber Optic Dual Switch

FOS-2X2-TTL Fiber Optic Dual Switch

Accessory for Controlling Light in Spectrometer Setups