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Order of operations for spectral calculations

Please follow these simple steps for spectral calculations:

  1. Set Integration Time
  2. Average multiple scans together (averaging will lower the overall noise for the subsequent steps)
  3. Subtract Dark (bias) — dark subtraction is important for linearity and stray light correction and has them as close to a zero baseline as is practicable.
    3.1. Enable Electrical Dark Correction (if available)
    3.2. Take a Dark and a Scope minus Dark
  4. Correct for detector non-linearity
  5. Correct for stray light (optional)
  6. Apply Boxcar Smoothing
  7. Take a new Dark subtraction
  8. Start measuring

REMEMBER: If you change the Integration Time or Averaging or Boxcar, you must take a new Dark (Bias) subtraction. This is done, while the Linearity Correction is enabled.

OceanView 1.6.7

OceanView 1.6.7

Real-time spectral acquisition and analysis


Cross-Platform Full-Featured Device Driver


Spectral Processing And Math Library


Embedded Open-Source Device Driver