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Why use a Fiber Optic Variable Attenuator (FVA-UV)?

Having too much light reach the detector in your spectrometer can saturate the detector. There many ways to address this situation: you can adjust the integration time of the spectrometer or change the aperture of the optical bench to a smaller width – an option that can be performed in the field with one of our interchangeable-slit spectrometers such as the QE Pro. Or, if you don’t have a slit installed in your spectrometer, you can use a smaller core diameter optical fiber to reduce light throughput.

Attenuation options are available on the sample side as well, including adding neutral-density filters to your setup or using a device such as the FVA-UV. The FVA-UV allows you to leave the spectrometer configuration as is and provides additional flexibility when other techniques are either unworkable or undesirable.