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Which version of OmniDriver or OmniDriver+SPAM should I install?

It depends on several factors, sometimes including the programming language you use and how you wish to develop.

Please note that OmniDriver alone, OmniDriver+SPAM, and SPAM alone all have different passwords.  Please use the version you purchased, and for which password you received.

Install a “developer version” on your development machine.  Install the “redistributable files” to set up a target computer to run your OmniDriver apps.

As of version 2.34, the .NET 2.0 and .NET 4.0 versions are combined.  You select the .NET version of OmniDriver by using the corresponding DLL file (i.e. NETOmniDriver-NET20.dll vs. NETOmniDriver-NET40.dll).

You can install both 32 and 64-bit version if needed.  If you do this, you will need to update the values for the following Environment Variables when you switch between the two:

  1. OMNIDRIVER_HOME: This value should point to the main OmniDriver or OmniDriverSPAM directory.
  2. OOI_HOME: This value should point to the OOI_HOME directory.
  3. PATH: This value should point to the OOI_HOME directory.

Specific IDE information:

a) Visual Studio IDE

  • Use 32-bit OmniDriver to develop in x86 and use 64-bit OmniDriver to develop in x64.
  • Use a .NET version that corresponds to:
    • .NET 2.0 for VS.NET, 2005, 2008.
    • .NET 4.0 for VS2010, 2012, 2013.

b) LabVIEW

  • Use a bitness of OmniDriver that matches that of your LV version.
    • i.e. use 32-bit OmniDriver with 32-bit LV and 64-bit OmniDriver with 64-bit LV.
  • Use a .NET version that corresponds to: *Only required when using .NET interface.
    • .NET 2.0 for LV 7.1 – 2012.
    • .NET 4.0 for LV 2013.

c) Java

  • Use 32-bit OmniDriver on a 32-bit OS and 64-bit OmniDriver on a 64-bit OS.