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Five Versatile Tools for Your Lab

Spectroscopy Accessories for Absorbance, Reflectance and More

Ocean Optics offers a comprehensive line of spectrometer accessories and sampling devices to complement and enhance your spectroscopy setups, from bandpass filters to vacuum feedthroughs. Options are available for use in thousands of different applications.


To narrow down the many accessories we offer to just a few is almost a fool’s errand — there are so many great options. So, whether you’re specifying a new spectrometer system or you’re an existing Ocean Optics spectrometer user stocking your lab with useful add-ons, here’s one highly subjective list of five versatile tools to consider. The good news is, your choices go well beyond this list:


1. Spectrometer Wavelength Calibration Source

Spectrometer wavelength calibration can be maintained using a reference light source that emits well-defined wavelengths. High purity gas or vapor lamps are the primary standards recommended for testing wavelength accuracy. Ocean Optics offers calibration sources that span the UV to NIR, with the reliable HG-1 Mercury Argon (253-1700 nm) among the most popular choices.

Tip: Ocean Optics also offers in-house spectrometer wavelength calibration services.


Figure 1. HG-1 Mercury Argon Spectrometer Wavelength Calibration Source


2. Replaceable Slits Kit

Thanks to the replaceable slit design common to most Ocean optics spectrometers, your setup can be quickly and easily optimized for different measurements or techniques. Replacing a slit is a simple process that the user can manage, without affecting the spectrometer’s internal optics. Add slits individually or invest in a kit comprising one each of 5 µm, 10 µm, 25 µm, 50 µm, 100 µm and 200 µm slits. Kits are available for slit assemblies with SMA 905 or FC connectors.

Tip: Spectrometer models with the interchangeable slit design include Ocean FX, Flame, Flame-NIR, Maya 2000 Pro, QE Pro, NIRQuest and Jaz


Figure 2. Replaceable slits are simple to install.


3. Premium Grade Reflection Probe

We offer a wide range of optical fibers and probes, with standard and custom options for nearly every application imaginable. So why choose a reflection probe for our list? Aside from its use for reflection and backscattering measurements, our premium grade reflection probe can be used to excite and sense fluorescence from solid samples. The probe has a 6-around-1 fiber bundle design that makes this possible, with a 400 µm or 600 µm core diameter your best choices to ensure good signal collection.

Tip: Add a reflection probe holder to position the probe at 45° and 90°.


Figure 3. Ocean Optics premium reflection probes comprise 6 illumination fibers around 1 read fiber.


4. Optical Fiber Accessories

Having the best probe, fibers or other sampling accessories means nothing if you don’t have a good way to integrate that assembly into your measurement setup effectively. That’s why we offer a variety of fiber and probe accessories to connect, hold, adapt and manipulate our fibers and probes.

Tip: If you’re a tinkerer at heart or setting up a teaching lab, our optical fiber kits can help you get started quickly. Each kit is stocked with an array of patch cords and accessories.


Figure 4. Fiber adapters and mounting accessories are handy tools wherever fibers are used.


5. Adjustable Collimating Lens Holder

The 74-ACH Adjustable Collimating Lens Holder is a versatile assembly for mounting lenses at multiple positions vertically and horizontally. The holder is especially useful for transmission measurements of thick samples.

Tip: The base is 10 cm in length, marked at 0.5 cm intervals.


74-ACH collimating lens with glass sample ocean optics

Figure 5. Collimating lens can be positioned at different heights on the holder.