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Getting Started

You’ve purchased your Ocean Optics gear. Now let’s get you started. At Ocean Optics, our relationship with customer doesn’t end once the order ships. We provide support and technical support on a number of levels in order to set our customers up for success. Whether you need help getting started or troubleshooting a challenge, we are always there to help.

Setting Up Your System

***Note – Install your software before connecting your spectrometer.***

Step 1:  Install OceanView software
Step 2:  Download the version appropriate for your operating system. Find your copy here.
Step 3:  Following the installation wizard prompts.
Step 4:  Enter your unique 28-digit product key. This key was provided at time of purchase via email and can be found on your order acknowledgement.

Step 5: Connect fiber optic cables between source, sampling accessory and detector.
Step 6: Connect any power sources that may be required for light sources, spectrometers, etc.

Step 7: Connect your spectrometer and computer using the USB cable provided.
Step 8: Power on your equipment (if it is required) and begin collecting data.
Step 9: Start using OceanView software and your new Ocean Optics spectroscopy system!

Sample Application Setups

View Modular Solutions for Absorbance, Reflection, Emission and More Applications and Measurement Techniques.

Additional Resources

manualpadView and save manuals and operating instructions for hundreds of Ocean Optics products. Download data sheets from our Engineering Department for OEM and end users.

hdpadCall our TTS group with any concerns of application or software compatibility, hardware problems or equipment malfunction. They will evaluate your issue and suggest solutions or present you with a contingency plan to have your system up and running in no time. See more support options, like our Service Packages.

swpadOcean Optics supports all software requirements for setting up your system and any software-related concerns for the duration of your software license in accordance with our software agreement. Yearly renewal of the software license includes continuous support of the software.

Need programming services? Contact us on how to best serve your application with custom software services. Applications-related support is also available on an hourly basis by obtaining a quote and appointment time from our TTS group. This will ensure our undivided attention to your needs and expedite the solution to your software problem.

faq_bubble Visit our FAQ page to find an answer for your question.

Contact Us

We are never far away. If you have any questions or concerns not covered above, please feel welcome to call, email or connect with us through chat. We are always here for our customers, no matter what part of the world you are in. To customize your support experience, fill our support form here.