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Important Notice Regarding IDRaman Products


Effective July 10, 2017, the IDRaman product line produced for Ocean Optics will not be available.

This includes all IDRaman systems (handheld, microscope and reader), accessory products and software libraries. These are the product types affected:


Item Description
IDR-LIBRARY-xxxx All IDR libraries for use with IDRaman products
IDR-MICRO-xxx-2 Raman microscope systems
IDR-MICRO-xxxHR-2 High-resolution Raman microscope systems
IDR-MINI-xxxx Handheld Raman systems and accessories (vials, adapters, etc.)
IDR-RDR-xxx-2 Integrated Raman reader systems
IDR-RDR-xxxHR-2 High-resolution integrated Raman reader systems


What if I Placed an Order I Haven’t Received Yet?

Ocean Optics will make every effort to fulfill outstanding orders for IDRaman systems and accessories. For quotations that are pending, we recommend contacting Ocean Optics at the regional sales office nearest you or via [email protected] to confirm product availability or to determine a suitable alternative or other arrangement. However, you must order by July 10, 2017.


Do I Still Have Time to Make a Lifetime Purchase?

Yes. The supplier will fill any orders placed through Ocean Optics for systems, accessories or libraries until July 10, 2017. For existing IDRaman customers, this would be an opportune time to stock up on frequently used accessories, invest in a back-up system or add a Raman software library.


What if I Need Technical Support?

The IDRaman products had been produced by Snowy Range Instruments (now part of Metrohm Raman). Metrohm will be available for technical support and service on existing IDRaman products. Here’s how to reach them:


Metrohm Raman

407 S. 2nd Street

Laramie, WY 82070

+1 (307) 460-2089


Ocean Optics and Raman Spectroscopy


Ocean Optics is committed to offering a range of spectrometers, accessories and software libraries for Raman spectroscopy. Our modular Raman systems are fully customizable, from laser wavelength to measurement speed. Mix and match components to optimize performance or select one of our Raman bundles, which combines a spectrometer, laser and accessories into a single package. For OEM development, our high-sensitivity spectrometers can be integrated into other devices to produce made-to-order volume Raman application solutions.


Contact Ocean Optics for Additional Information


Questions? Here’s how to reach us:


+1 727-733-2447 (Americas)

+31 26-319-0500 (Europe)

+86 21-6295-6600 (Asia)

[email protected]