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Modular Spectroscopy for Life Sciences Applications

Solutions for Biotechnology Applications, Medical Diagnostics and More

Ocean Optics components, sub-assemblies and systems generate, measure and condition light for spectroscopic analysis. Setups can be configured for research, clinical and OEM requirements, with life sciences applications ranging from blood monitoring and biomolecule measurements to point-of-care diagnostics and protein analysis. Our compact, robust products are ideal for embedding into instruments such as blood gas analyzers and bilirubin systems or processes associated with pharmaceuticals development and healthcare products.

Building Blocks for Better Outcomes

The true power of Ocean Optics products is in their inherent versatility and configurability.


Fluorescence of Biological Samples


Our broad range of mix-and-match components means we can customize a system for your life science work, adapting it to accommodate new needs over time. Consider your spectroscopy toolkit:

  • Spectrometers from the deep UV through NIR. Optimize setups for sensitivity, speed and resolution.
  • Modular and turnkey Raman options. Select from excitation sources, lasers and probes to configure your own system or choose an integrated benchtop or handheld system for targeted applications ranging from anti-counterfeiting to process control. Add SERS substrates for increased sensitivity in applications such as trace level detection of explosives and narcotics.
  • Optical oxygen and pH sensors. Ocean Optics optical sensors use light to probe the interaction between a sample and one of our proprietary sensing materials in order to quantify a chemical property of the sample. Our sensors monitor O2 and pH in biological samples, headspace gases and both industrial and natural environments.Fiber Probe with tips
  • Broadband light sources, lasers and LEDs from UV through NIR. We offer a full range of compact, modular sources for illumination, excitation and calibration.
  • Sampling accessories. From cuvettes and collimating lenses to optical fibers and flow cells, accessories are available to accommodate solids, liquids, gases and live specimens.
  • Powerful spectroscopy software. Software tools are available with multiple levels of power, complexity and programmability to meet a full spectrum of spectroscopic analysis and automation needs.

Applications and Techniques for the Life Sciences

STS_EcoVis_combo_1000Whether you’re a medical diagnostics company seeking to provide cost-effective point-of-care analysis or a components supplier with materials analysis and regulation needs, Ocean Optics offers a variety of optical modules, installed components and accessory products for complete flexibility. We’re your ideal partner for options ranging from single-wavelength sensors and spectrometers to fully realized absorbance, fluorescence and Raman systems. Each of these options can be customized to create the optimum solution for your needs.

Example Life Sciences Applications



Optical Oxygen and pH Sensing

Raman and SERS Applications

Applications Using Other Techniques

 Additional Life Sciences Resources