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What’s New at Photonics West 2018?

New Spectrometers, Partnerships Take the Stage

Ocean Optics unveils a new slate of products and applications at the photonics industry’s largest event. Here’s a quick overview of what to expect at Booth 723 in San Francisco:


New Spectrometers

We’re so excited about our newest spectrometer that we’re keeping it under wraps until Photonics West kicks off on Tuesday, Jan. 30.



New Technologies

Among the newest technologies we will showcase are a handheld light meter, MIR spectrometer and multispectral camera.



  • WaveGo from Wave Illumination offers simple yet accurate characterization of light sources. Paired with a smartphone app, the handheld device measures absolute irradiance, lux, color temperature and other parameters.
  • The MZ5 ATR-MIR (attenuated total reflectance-mid-infrared) system expands our offering to the wavelength region from 5.5-11 µm, enabling applications such as detection of adulterants in milk and analysis of fuels including oil.
  • PixelCam is a multispectral camera for live imaging of up to 9 bands at video rates. At the show, we’ll demonstrate a 4-band VIS-NIR setup in a simulated tissue monitoring application.

New Partnerships


Ocean Optics is more than a components supplier, offering our experience and know-how to partner with customers on solutions for a diverse range of applications. One such solution is a gas analysis system from Gencoa, a vacuum coatings solutions provider:



Gencoa’s Optix Optical RGA is a multi-purpose gas analysis instrument that performs direct, high-pressure gas monitoring from 0.4 to 1×10-6 torr, without a differential pumping system. Its robust design, coupled with the reliability and power of Ocean Optics spectral systems, eases characterization of difficult-to-manage processes such as PECVD, ALD and etching.


  • No pumps, bellows or filaments
  • Contaminating environments
  • Atmospheric sampling


Optix generates a small plasma within the sensor head, which is analyzed by its built-in Ocean Optics spectrometer. The light spectrum is automatically interpreted to provide qualitative measurement of the presence and concentration of gas within the vacuum.