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Spectrometers and Accessories for Near-Infrared Analysis

NIR Spectroscopy spectrometer near-IR near infrared

Why NIR Spectroscopy??

Though NIR spectroscopy is often neglected as an analytical technique, near-infrared analysis has enormous potential for a variety of applications, and is accessible now more than ever thanks to the availability of compact, high-value NIR spectrometers and accessories.



NIR Spectroscopy Solutions


NIRQuest:  For More Demanding Applications

The NIRQuest series offers a wide range of detector and grating options, as well as interchangeable slits and an internal shutter. This allows users to configure resolution and sensitivity. The NIRQuest bench also employs thermoelectric cooling of the detector, resulting in a rock-solid baseline and lower noise at long integration times. This reduces the frequency of re-referencing, improves reproducibility, and allows higher sensitivity for low-light applications.


Flame-NIR:  Small Size & Simple Operation

The Flame-NIR benefits from all the advantages of the Flame product line, including interchangeable slits and low unit to unit variability. The Flame-NIR is an ideal choice for many NIR applications including moisture measurement, grain and feed quality, measurement of fats and oils and pharmaceutical ingredients blending.




STS-NIR with quarterSTS-NIR:  NIR Spectral Analysis in a Tiny Footprint

The STS-NIR delivers the performance you need, whether you are performing low-concentration absorbance measurements or high intensity laser characterization. It covers the range of 650-1100 nm. Its rugged design and great unit-to-unit reproducibility make STS attractive for integration into OEM devices or applications where a small footprint is required.



Diffuse Reflectance Probe with Integrated Light Source

The DR-Probe is a 45° diffuse reflectance probe with integrated tungsten halogen light source for simple yet elegant reflectance measurements. By fixing the probe’s collection optics in place relative to the light source, the DR-Probe design ensures that diffuse light is collected and that the measurement geometry is constant. This increases the reliability and consistency of the results.


NIR Spectroscopy and Food Applications

Near infrared spectroscopy is well-suited to nondestructive analysis of bulk, high-moisture samples like fruit, fish, meat and grains. While challenging to interpret and analyze, NIR spectroscopy probes the vibrational overtone absorption of chemical bonds, and is sensitive to most chemical constituents in foods. The resulting spectra are often broad, overlapping and complex, necessitating chemometric analysis to unlock their secrets.



Light at NIR wavelengths penetrates fairly deeply with less scattering, allowing internal composition to be analyzed via nondestructive reflectance and through-sample transmission techniques. When processed using a well-developed chemometric model, a simple NIR reflectance spectrum can be used to predict complex characteristics, such as an apple’s ripeness, sweetness or storage duration.




  • Adulterated ground beef: detecting mutton, pork, organs and fillers
  • Chicken quality: detecting thawed versus fresh cuts; artificially boosted water content
  • Fraudulent labeling of fish: identification of fish species without DNA testing
  • Fruit quality: screening for core rot, internal pests and ripeness
  • Gluten screening: sorting unprocessed grains with NIR and machine vision



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