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Collimating Lenses

Collimating lenses are optical lenses that help to make parallel the light that enters your spectrometer setup. These lenses allow users to control the field of view, collection efficiency and spatial resolution of their setup, and to configure illumination and collection angles for sampling. Single and achromatic lenses are available.

Ocean Optics collimating lenses can be attached to the spectrometer, coupled to optical fibers or integrated into sampling accessories. Most lenses have an inner barrel threaded for SMA 905 connectors. The inner barrel slides relative to the lens fixture for adjusting the focus; a setscrew secures the barrel.

Collimating Lens Options at a Glance

Our 74-series standard diameter collimating lenses are available in single and achromatic options. Each lens is 5 mm in diameter and has focal length of 10 mm.

Item 74-UV and 74-VIS 74-ACR 74-DA
Wavelength Range 200-2000 nm (74-UV)

350-2000 nm (74-VIS)

350-2000 nm 200-2000 nm
Distinguishing Features Identified by single white (74-UV) and yellow dot (74-VIS) on the barrel Achromatic doublet comprises two lenses and corrects for spherical and chromatic aberrations Attaches directly to spectrometer

For applications requiring a larger diameter lens with longer focal length, we offer two single-lens options:

Item 84-UV COL-UV-30
  84-UV-25 OPM-M
Wavelength Range 200-2000 nm 200-2000 nm
Distinguishing Features Has lens diameter of 25.4 mm with focal length of 100 mm Has lens diameter of 30 mm with focal length of 30 mm


74-series Collimating Lenses
74-series Collimating Lenses
Single and Achromatic Lenses
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COL-UV-30 Collimating Lens
COL-UV-30 Collimating Lens
Large-Diameter Single Lens
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84-UV-25 Collimating Lens
84-UV-25 Collimating Lens
Large-Diameter Single Lens
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