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Fiber Attenuation

To achieve the best system performance, it is important to choose optical fibers that transmit well over your full wavelength range of interest. This will minimize the amount of light lost through fiber coupling, and reduce attenuation of some wavelengths over others. When working in the ultraviolet portion of the spectrum, particularly below 300 nm, it is important to use solarization-resistant fibers, as other fibers will become less transmissive over time at those wavelengths (an effect known as solarization).

Fortunately we offer a range of quality silica and IR-specific fibers to meet all your application needs. Take a look below to find the attenuation spectrum that best suits your application, or contact one of our application engineers for guidance. Keep in mind that 1 dB is equivalent to ~21% of light being lost in transmission.

fiber attenuation vis-nir

fiber attenuation uv-vis

fiber attenuation uv-sr-vis

fiber attenuation xsr