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Reflective pH Patches

Our flexible peel-and-stick pH patches can be adhered to the inner wall of a transmissive container or process line, such as a bioflask or clear tube, and then pH in Beakerinterrogated non-invasively through the container using a fiber optic bundle probe.

Our pH patches are unique in that, despite being a color-based measurement, they are immune to ambient light, sample color, and turbidity. This is achieved by using a novel electroformed gold mesh overlay that acts as an optically reflective yet ion permeable layer; being gold also makes the overlay biologically and chemically inert. These are ideal for applications such as fermentation and cell culture monitoring.

Components in a reflective pH patch measurement system

  • Visible light source (620 nm for pH peak, plus 510 nm or 750+ nm for baseline correction)
  • Spectrometer covering the above wavelengths, with 50 – 100 μm slit
  • RE-BIFBORO-2 bifurcated probe assembly
  • Reflective pH patches
  • pH software module


RE-BIFBORO-2 Bifurcated Probe Assembly
RE-BIFBORO-2 Bifurcated Probe Assembly
Probe for RedEye oxygen sensing patches
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