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Transmissive pH Probes

By integrating our flexible peel-and-stick pH patches with a transmissive dip probe, we’ve created a robust handheld pH probe for in-situ RT-PH-Tipsapplications like seawater monitoring in aquariums and on research vessels, as well as in power plant cooling water. These probes have a 1/4” diameter pressure-fittable ferrule, well suited to process line applications. Offered in stainless steel and PEEK for increased environmental compatibility, you simply adhere a pH sensing patch to the lens of the dip probe. We use a randomized fiber bundle within the probe sleeve, as it is extremely resistant to optical shifts from fiber movement or stress. The sensor patches are interchangeable and can be quickly replaced once the sensor’s life has run its course.

Components in a transmissive pH probe measurement system

  • Visible light source (620 nm for pH peak, plus 510 nm or 750+ nm for baseline correction)
  • Spectrometer covering the above wavelengths, with 50 – 100 μm slit
  • Transmissive pH dip probe kit in stainless steel or PEEK (comes with 5 transmissive pH patches)
  • pH software module


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