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USB Series Spectrometers

Summary of USB Features and Benefits

usb2000+Modular USB spectrometers are versatile, general-purpose UV-Vis-NIR spectrometers for absorption, transmission, reflectance, emission, color and other applications. Their compact size, robust optoelectronics and easy modularity make them the most popular spectrometers in the world, supporting thousands of applications, from research and life sciences to education and materials identification.

The USB Series comprises USB2000+ and USB4000 models. The models are available in custom configured and preconfigured options. OEM configurations are also available.



Custom Configured USB Series Spectrometers

When you select a custom configured spectrometer, we work with you to design the optimum configuration for your measurement. We assemble the optical bench components including gratings, slits and filters to deliver the performance your application demands. Our Application Sales Engineers guide you through your experiment and help you choose the correct components.

The USB2000+ and USB4000 are both good choices for a range of applications, but there are some differences among the two:



Linear Silicon CCD Array Detector Sony ILX511B 2048 pixels Toshiba  TCD1304AP 3648 pixels
Wavelength Response (200-1100 nm) Good UV response; better option for applications <350 nm Good Vis and shortwave NIR response; better option for applications >400 nm
Data Transfer Speed Full scans to memory every 3 ms w/USB 2.0 port Full scans to memory every 5 ms w/USB 2.0 port
Electronic Shutter No Yes
Dynamic Range 8.5 x 108 (system); 1300:1 for a single acquisition 3.4 x 106 (system); 1300:1 for a single acquisition
SNR 250:1 (at full signal) 300:1 (at full signal)

For more information, view:

Preconfigured USB Series Spectrometer Models at a Glance

Our preconfigured spectrometers are optimized for specific applications. The optical bench components have been selected to give you full spectrum results. We offer preconfigured spectrometers for general UV-VIS and UV-NIR applications, fluorescence and irradiance.

Best for USB2000+ Series USB4000 Series
General Use USB2000+UV-VIS
General Use with Enhanced Sensitivity USB2000+UV-VIS-ES
Extended Range (200 – 1025 nm) USB2000+XR1 USB4000-XR1
Extended Range (200 – 1025 nm) with Enhanced Sensitivity USB2000+XR1-ES USB4000-XR1-ES
Fluorescence No preconfigured models USB4000-FL (several excitation wavelength options)
Irradiance USB2000+RAD No preconfigured models


Extended Range Spectrometer for UV-NIR applications with Enhanced Sensitivity
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