21-02 Series SMA Splice Bushings

21-02 Series SMA Splice Bushings


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Item Code: 21-02, 21-02-SS

These in-line adapters are used to mate two SMA 905-terminated optical fibers. They are useful for coupling patch cords to fiber optic probes and other devices, or for any multiple-fiber application where coupling of Ocean Optics standard fibers and accessories is preferable to creating costly and complex custom assemblies.

Standard and stainless steel versions are available. Washers and nuts are not included with the stainless steel version.

  • Screw SMA 905 connectors into either end of the bushing to mate
  • Comes with 2 nuts and washers for through-mounting
  • Compatible with SMA 905-terminated optical fibers

21-02 Nickel-plated brass SMA splice bushing assembly
21-02-SS Stainless steel SMA splice bushing assembly (does not include washers or other hardware)

Engineering Specifications 21-02 21-02-SS
Material: Nickel-plated brass Stainless steel
External threads: 1/4″-36 1/4″-36

Applications in which this product is used:

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