21-02 Series SMA Splice Bushings

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In-line adapters for mating SMA connectors

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21-02 Nickel-plated brass SMA splice bushing assembly
21-02-SS Stainless steel SMA splice bushing assembly

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These in-line adapters are used to mate two SMA 905-terminated optical fibers. They are useful for coupling patch cords to fiber optic probes and other devices, or for any multiple-fiber application where coupling of Ocean Optics standard fibers and accessories is preferable to creating costly and complex custom assemblies.

  • Screw SMA 905 connectors into either end of the bushing to mate
  • Comes with 2 nuts and washers for through-mounting
  • Compatible with SMA 905-terminated optical fibers

Engineering Specifications 21-02 21-02-SS
Material: Nickel-plated brass Stainless steel
External threads: 1/4″-36 1/4″-36

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