84-UV-25 Collimating Lens


Large-Diameter Single Lens

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Item Type Wavelength Range
84-UV-25 Single lens 200-2000 nm

The 84-UV-25 collimating lens is designed for coupling larger free-space beams to optical fibers. These large-diameter lenses are especially suitable for collimating light at long distances in open air and have been tested to distances of up to 40 feet.

Collimating lenses are common to most of the sampling accessories we offer. As such, these lenses are used for an extensive array of applications and measurement techniques including absorbance, irradiance and emission.

  • Versatile – lenses optimized for the UV-Vis (200-2000 nm)
  • Rugged – stainless steel barrel with black oxide finish
  • Long focal length – adjustable up to 100 mm

Item: 84-UV-25
Type: Single lens
Diameter: 25.4 mm
Focal length: 100 mm
Lens material: f/4 fused silica Dynasil
Wavelength range: 200-2000 nm
Operating temperature: 70 °C
Connector: SMA 905, 6.35 mm ferrule
Connector threads: ¼-36 external thread
Optical post mount thread: NA

Measurement Techniques in which this product is used: