BIFBORO-Series Bifurcated Fiber Assemblies

BIFBORO-Series Bifurcated Fiber Assemblies


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These bifurcated optical fibers are optimized to complete the connection between your oxygen probe and the NeoFox system electronics via a 21-02 splice bushing. Both fibers and splice bushings are required for most oxygen probe setups.

  • Mates to oxygen sensor probes using a 21-02 splice bushing for oxygen sensing
  • Available in several core diameters for optimized coupling to specific oxygen probes

Engineering Specifications BIFBORO-1000-2 BIFBORO-600-2 BIFBORO-300-2
Core diameter: 1000 μm 600 μm 300 μm
Jacketing: Black PVC monocoil Black PVC monocoil Black PVC monocoil
Length: 2 m 2 m 2 m
Compatible Oxygen Probes: R-series, OR125 series, T1000-TS-NEO PI600 AL300 series

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