CUV-FL-DA Cuvette Holder

CUV-FL-DA Cuvette Holder


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Direct-attach Cuvette Holder, 1-cm path, 200-2000 nm

The CUV-FL-DA cuvette holder attaches to Ocean Optics light sources and couples via optical fiber to our spectrometers, creating a small-footprint system for fluorescence and relative absorbance experiments. The CUV-FL-DA is optimized for the 200-2000 nm range, holds 1 cm pathlength square cuvettes and eliminates the need for a fiber from the excitation or illumination source. A few simple adjustments allow you to use the CUV-FL-DA for absorbance.

The CUV-FL-DA is well suited for fluorescence, thanks to UV-enhanced, aluminum-coated mirrors that enhance signal reflection within the sample compartment. That increased signal reflection, combined with greater signal intensity resulting from direct attachment to the excitation source, provides CUV-FL-DA users with much greater fluorescence intensity than is possible with most cuvette holders.

  • No excitation or illumination fiber – sample cell attaches directly to light sources
  • Enhanced fluorescence – optical design increases signal collection
  • Versatile – simple adjustment converts from fluorescence to absorbance accessory

Engineering Specifications CUV-FL-DA
Dimensions: 57 mm x 61 mm x 29 mm overall
Weight: 80 g
Pathlength: 1 cm
Z dimension: 15 mm
Filter slot: Accepts filters up to 6.35 mm (1/4”) thickness
Collimating lenses: One of 74-UV fused silica lens (200-2000 nm)
Reflection mirrors: Two (2) of UV-enhanced, aluminum-coated
Light source mount diameter: 9.52 mm (3/8”)
Fiber optic termination: SMA 905

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