CUV-UV-10 Cuvette Holder


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Cuvette Holder, 10-cm path, 200-2000 nm

Item Code: CUV-UV-10

The CUV-UV-10 cuvette holder for 10-cm pathlength cuvettes couples viaoptical fibers to Ocean Optics spectrometers and light sources to create small-footprint systems for absorbance measurements of aqueous solutions and gases. The CUV-UV-10 is optimized for applications from 200-2000 nm, has a built-in filter slot and a manual light block for dark readings.

  • Absorbance measurements – use with aqueous solutions and gases
  • Cell pathlength – has 10 cm pathlength sample compartment
  • Filter slot – accommodates filters up to ¼-inch thickness

Engineering Specifications CUV-UV-10
Dimensions: 97 mm x 147 mm x 40 mm
Weight: 540 g
Pathlength: 10 cm
Z dimension: 15 mm
Filter slot: Accepts filters up to 6.35 mm (1/4”) thickness
Collimating lenses: Two 74-UV f/2 fused silica lenses (200-2000 nm)
Water input fittings for temperature regulation: 3.175 mm (1/8”) NPT
Fiber optic termination: SMA 905

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