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Item Code: ECOVIS

ecoVis is a compact, low-voltage Vis-NIR light source (400-2500 nm) with built-in cuvette holder that’s great for basic lab measurements in teaching labs and other research environments.

The ecoVis has a rugged, solid alloy housing that helps to dissipate heat and in-line fiber ports for absorbance and fluorescence measurements.

ecoVis is small – it’s just 95 mm x 50 mm and weighs 265 g – making it attractive for labs where space is at a premium. Also, the unit has a built-in 1 cm pathlength cuvette holder and a chromium-plated reflective insert that increases the output for fluorescence, can be adjusted through 90° to block the light path for dark measurements and holds the cuvette securely in place.

  • Light source with integrated cuvette holder for easy measurements.
  • Integrated fiber ports allow measurement of fluorescence and absorbance from the cuvette
  • Low voltage for battery-powered field measurements

Included with the Product:

  • Power Supply
  • Chromium-plated reflective insert
  • Hexagonal socket screw key

Engineering Specifications ecoVis
Source: Krypton
Wavelength range: 400 – 2500 nm
Nominal bulb power: 1.3 W
Typical output power*: 3.07 mW
Warm-up time**: 10 minutes
Source lifetime: 2,000 hours (typical)
Stability of optical output: 0.06% peak-to-peak
Drift of optical output: < 0.5 % per hour
Integrated filter holder: No
Integrated cuvette holder: Yes
Cuvette pathlength: 10 mm
Cuvette holder Z-dimension: 15 mm
Operating temperature: 5 °C – 35 °C
Operating humidity: 5-95% without condensation at 40 °C
Power requirements: 3.5 VDC
Power consumption: up to 4 W
Dimensions: 9.5 cm x 5 cm
Weight: 0.3 kg
Safety & regulatory: CE; ROHS, WEEE
Replacement bulb: ECOVIS-B
Replacement chrome-plated insert for cuvette holder: ECOVIS-INSERT

* Typical output power coupled into a 600 μm UV-Vis fiber and measured with an optical power meter integrated from 200-1100 nm

** Warm-up time @23 °C ambient, free airflow, no vibrations

Applications in which this product is used:

Measurement Techniques in which this product is used:

ecoVis with spliced spectrum.xlsx

ecoVis Reflection Measurements.xlsx