FIA Series Fluorescence Flow Cells


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FIA fluorescence flow cells combine the benefits of flow injection analysis with optical components optimized for fluorescence. A fiber sends excitation energy through a fused silica window into the sample compartment. Emitted energy is collected by a second fiber, oriented at 90 degrees, that connects to an Ocean Optics spectrometer configured for fluorescence.

Each flow cell comes with 2 meters of Teflon tubing, plus chemically resistant connectors and seals. Two 600 µm fibers (sold separately) are required to complete the setup.

  • Multiple cell materials – available in stainless steel and Ultem
  • UV-IR transmission – silica cell windows transmit light from 260-2000 nm
  • SMA 905 connectors – couple easily to Ocean Optics patch cords

Engineering Specifications FIA Fluorescence Flow Cells
Cell materials: Stainless steel or Ultem
Wavelength range: 260-2000 nm
Inner diameter: 2 mm
Window material: Fused silica
Window thickness: 1 mm
FIA connectors: ¼-28
Tubing: 1/16” Teflon, 2 meters
Recommended fibers (not included): (2) 600 µm solarization-resistant patch cords

Item Cell Material
FIA-SMA-FL-SS Stainless steel

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