FIA Series Microvolume Flow Cells

FIA Series Microvolume Flow Cells


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FIA series microliter volume flow cells are useful tools for absorbance measurements of various lab samples. The cells are available in a variety of pathlengths, materials and internal volume levels. When coupled to our spectrometers, light sources and optical fibers, FIA flow cells are convenient tools for monitoring immunoassays and chemical and biological processes.


  • Low volume sampling – internal cell volume options as low as 2 µL
  • Multiple options – choice of cell materials, pathlengths and more
  • Good UV transparency – transmit light as low as 210 nm

Engineering Specifications Cell Material
Cell material: Stainless steel, PEEK, Plexiglas, Teflon and Ultem
Window material: Fused silica
Wavelength range: 210-2000 nm
Pathlength: 2.5 mm-100 mm
Internal volume: 2 µL-60 µL
Tubing: Teflon tubing (10 feet); tubing connectors and seals (6 each)
Recommended optical fibers: Two each of 200 µm, 400 µm or 600 µm diameter patch cords (order separately)
Connector: SMA 905

Item Cell Material Pathlength Internal Volume
FIA-ZSMA-ML-2.5-SS Stainless steel 2.5 mm 2 µL
FIA-Z-SMA-ML-PL Plexiglas 10 mm 6 µL
FIA-Z-SMA-ML-SS Stainless steel 10 mm 6 µL
FIA-Z-SMA-ML-TE Teflon 10 mm 6 µL
FIA-Z-SMA-ML-UL Ultem 10 mm 6 µL
FIA-ZSMA-ML-20-PEEK PEEK 20 mm 12 µL
FIA-ZSMA-ML-20-PLEX Plexiglas 20 mm 12 µL
FIA-ZSMA-ML-20-SS Stainless steel 20 mm 12 µL
FIA-ZSMA-ML-20-TEF Teflon 20 mm 12 µL
FIA-ZSMA-ML-20-ULT Ultem 20 mm 12 µL
FIA-ZSMA-ML-50-PEEK PEEK 50 mm 30 µL
FIA-ZSMA-ML-50-PLEX Plexiglas 50 mm 30 µL
FIA-ZSMA-ML-50-SS Stainless steel 50 mm 30 µL
FIA-ZSMA-ML-50-TEF Teflon 50 mm 30 µL
FIA-ZSMA-ML-50-ULT Ultem 50 mm 30 µL
FIA-ZSMA-ML-100-PEEK PEEK 100 mm 60 µL
FIA-ZSMA-ML-100-PLEX Plexiglas 100 mm 60 µL
FIA-ZSMA-ML-100-SS Stainless steel 100 mm 60 µL
FIA-ZSMA-ML-100-TEF Teflon 100 mm 60 µL
FIA-ZSMA-ML-100-ULT Ultem 100 mm 60 µL

Note: If you don’t see the flow cell pathlength or material version of your choice here, don’t despair. There’s a very good chance we still can get you the optimum flow cell for your application. Contact us for assistance.

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