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Flame Integrated Sampling Systems (cuvette holder & light source) for Flame spectrometers accommodate 1 cm pathlength cuvettes and are ideal for customers who measure transmission and absorbance of liquid samples. Our integrated sampling systems are perfect for those needing a compact spectroscopy set up for the lab or classroom without sacrificing the flexibility of modular spectroscopy. Use your spectrometer with a fluorescence probe, simply disconnect the probe and attach the Flame Integrated Sampling System and within minutes you have a miniature spectrophotometer.

  • FLAME-DA-CUV-UV-VIS has a deuterium-tungsten source covering 200-1100nm and is a perfect general purpose tool for absorbance and transmission spectroscopy. It includes a filter slit on the illumination side for 12.4 mm (½”) optical filters, useful for reducing stray light and improving your results. The tungsten source can be dimmed to balance the spectral response and improve the dynamic range of results in the UV. Simple, easy to use and flexible – a must have for any lab!
  • FLAME-DA-CUV-VIS-NIR contains a tungsten-halogen bulb combined with a violet LED to boost signal at lower wavelegths. It covers the Vis and NIR spectrum from 390-900nm, a range ideal for color and simple environmental measurements, such as PAR, water turbidity or chlorophyll content. Ultra-compact and great value, the FLAME-DA-CUV-VIS-NIR system is an ideal tool for teaching the basics of spectroscopy or for simple absorbance and transmission measurements in your lab.
  • Integrated sampling systems – accessory connects directly to your Flame spectrometer (sold separately)
  • User-friendly – easy for the novice or expert as it’s controlled through our OceanView software (sold separately)
  • UV-Vis and Vis-NIR options – versions for coverage from 200-1100 nm or 390-900 nm to suit a range of applications and budgets
  • Flexible – harness the power of modular spectroscopy without sacrificing the convenience of an integrated benchtop spectrometer
  • Compact – create ultra compact systems that will take up less bench and storage space compared with traditional benchtop systems
IItem Description Wavelength Range
FLAME-DA-CUV-UV-VIS Cuvette holder with a built-in light source; complete sampling system that attaches to Flame spectrometer 200-1100 nm
FLAME-DA-CUV-VIS-NIR Cuvette holder with a built-in light source; complete sampling system that attaches to Flame spectrometer 390-900 nm
FLAME-DA-CUV-UV-VIS-B Bulb for FLAME-DA-CUV-UV-VIS (replacement must be done inhouse by an Ocean Optics Technician) NA
FLAME-DA-CUV-VIS-NIR-B Bulb for FLAME-DA-CUV-VIS-NIR (replacement must be done inhouse by an Ocean Optics Technician) NA

Engineering Specifications FLAME-DA-CUV-UV-VIS FLAME-DA-CUV-VIS-NIR
Dimensions: 88.9 x 124.1 x 40.1 mm (with feet) 88.9 x 35.6 x 34.4 mm (with feet)
Weight: 350 g 180 g
Wavelength range: 200-1100 nm ~390-900 nm
Cuvette pathlength: 1 cm 1 cm
Light source: Combined Deuterium & tungsten-halogen Tungsten-Halogen with a violet LED
Bulb life (hours): 800 deuterium; 2,000 tungsten 2,000 tungsten; 45,000 LEDs
Power Source  5V DC external power supply (included) 5V DC, powered via Flame spectrometer over USB

Applications in which this product is used:

Measurement Techniques in which this product is used: