FluoroVette Cuvettes


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FluoroVettes are UV-transparent, micro-volume disposable cuvettes for nanomolar-range fluorescence analysis of biomarkers, DNA and other sensitive lab samples. FluoroVettes transmit UV light to 220 nm and are available in versions designed for loading the sample with a pipetter or for connecting to a pump for flow studies. An adapter makes FluoroVettes useable with the Ocean Optics CUV-ALL-UV cuvette holder.

  • Microliter-level sampling – requires just 15 µL sample volume
  • Pipette tip interface – use with a standard 20-200 µL pipetter
  • Flow cell interface – use with hose barb connections for peristaltic pump
  • Universal adapter – modifies FluoroVettes for CUV-ALL-UV cuvette holder

Engineering Specifications FluoroVettes – Pipetter Interface FluoroVettes – Tubing Interface
Dead volume: 2 µL Depends on length of tubing at inlet side of FluoroVette
Contained volume: 15 µL ( /- 1 µL) 15 µL ( /- 1 µL)
UV-transparent film: 50 µm 50 µm
Cell material: Black Delrin, 0.75 mm Black Delrin, 0.75 mm
UV film-to-cell bonding: Medical-grade acrylic solvent Medical-grade acrylic solvent
Pipetter interface: Acrylic Acrylic
Tubing interface: Polysulfone Polysulfone
Tube connection: Translucent FEP Translucent FEP
Chemical compatibility (good): Ethanol (up to 99.5%) Isopropyl alcohol (up to 91% water)Aqueous buffers Ethanol (up to 99.5%) Isopropyl alcohol (up to 91% water)Aqueous buffers
Chemical compatibility (poor): Acetone or aliphatic solvents Acetone or aliphatic solvents

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