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Item Code: FOP-UV, FOP-VIS

We’ve taken our most popular UV-VIS lab-grade optical fiber assemblies and accessories and combined them into cost-saving Optical Fiber Kits — perfect for testing, teaching or just plain tinkering. Each kit includes a variety of lab-grade patch cords, a fiber optic variable attenuator, a CC-3-UV cosine corrector, a fiber wrench and more. By purchasing a kit instead of each product separately you save hundreds of dollars!

Each kit includes the following items:

Item Description Qty.
P50-2-UV-VIS Fiber patch cord, 50 µm diameter UV-VIS fiber, 2 meter 1
P200-2-UV-VIS Fiber patch cord, 200 µm diameter UV-VIS fiber, 2 meter 1
P400-025-UV-VIS Fiber patch cord, 400 µm diameter UV-VIS fiber, 0.25 meter 2
P600-2-UV-VIS Fiber patch cord, 600 µm diameter UV-VIS fiber, 2 meter 1
21-01 SMA bulkhead bushings 2
21-02 SMA splice bushings 2
FVA-UV Fiber optic variable attenuator for controlling the amount of light transmitted between SMA-terminated patch cords 1
FOT-SMAWRENCH Hex SMA finger wrench 1
CC-3-UV UV cosine-corrected irradiance probe; collects radiant light with a Lambertian 180° field of view 1
FCBARREL 6.35 mm OD barrel for FC connectors 1
74-UV 74-UV collimating lens

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