HG-1 Calibration Source


Mercury Argon Calibration Source

The compact, low-cost HG-1 mercury argon calibration source is a wavelength calibration standard for UV, Vis and near-IR regions of the spectrum. The HG-1 produces first order mercury and argon emission lines from 253-922 nm and second order argon emission lines to 1700 nm for use in performing fast, reliable spectrometer wavelength calibrations. Easily identifiable mercury and argon spectral emission lines are printed on the HG-1 housing.

The HG-1 can be used to verify the wavelength accuracy of any spectrometer and can be used to recalibrate Ocean Optics spectrometers, if necessary.

The HG-1 operates with a 12 VDC power supply (included with the unit) or 9V battery (not included). Use any SMA 905 fiber optic cable to connect with the HG-1.

  • Primary standard requires no calibration or verification with strong lines in the UV to near-IR
  • Easy-to-use with calibration lines printed on the lamp housing
  • Portable with 9V battery optional for power supply

Included with the Product:

  • 12 VDC Power Supply

Engineering Specifications HG-1
Source: Low-pressure gas discharge lines of mercury and argon
Wavelength Range: 273 – 1704 nm (253 – 922 nm first order emission lines)
Dimensions: 12.5 x 7.0 x 2.6 cm
Weight: 40 g
Power consumption: 250 mA at 12 VDC
Power requirements: 12 VDC wall transformer (included) or
9 VDC battery (additional)
Internal voltage: 600 V at 30 kHz
Bulb life: ~ 3,500 hours (at 20 mA)
Amplitude stabilization: ~1 minute
Aperture: 3 mm
Connector: SMA 905

Strong Mercury Emission Lines (nm)

253.652 404.656
296.728 407.783*
302.150 435.833
313.155 546.074**
334.148 576.960
365.015 579.066

* This spectral line will not be evident with spectrometers configured with 300- or 600-lines/mm gratings.

** With spectrometers that have 1200-, 1800-, 2400- or 3600-lines/mm gratings, spectral lines will be evident at 576.96 nm and 579.07 nm.

Strong Argon Emission Lines (nm)

696.543 800.616*
706.722 811.531
714.704 826.452
727.294 842.465
738.398 852.144
750.387 866.794
763.511 912.297
772.376 922.450

* This spectral line will be evident only with spectrometers configured with 1800-, 2400-, or 3600-lines/mm gratings.

Applications in which this product is used:

Measurement Techniques in which this product is used:

HG-1 spectrum with USB2000+XR1-2