HR4-BREAKOUT Breakout Box

HR4-BREAKOUT Breakout Box


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For easier access to a variety of functions found in the HR4000, HR2000 , USB4000, USB2000 and QE (including QE65000, QE65 Pro and QE Pro) spectrometers specify the HR4-BREAKOUT, a passive module that separates the signals from the spectrometer’s 30-pin port to an array of standard connectors and headers. The Breakout Box includes a 30-pin HR4000-CBL-BB Ribbon cable that connects the box to the spectrometer.

The Breakout Box allows multiple interfaces to a spectrometer, such as:

  • External triggering
  • General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO)
  • RS-232 interface
  • Light sources
  • Analog Input/Output

In addition to the accessory connector, the Breakout Box features a circuit board based on a neutral breadboard pattern that allows custom circuity to be prototyped on the board itself. The Breakout Box receives its power from the spectrometer, which runs off of a PC via a USB port, or requires a separate 5-volt power supply when the spectrometer interfaces to a PC via the serial port. If you are wiring custom circuitry on the Breakout Box, you likely will need the USB-CBL-PS (power supply purchased separately).

The Breakout Box can be used with the following spectrometers: