Hydra Light Mixer

Hydra Light Mixer


Item Code: HYDRA

Although its multi-port design suggests the multi-headed serpent of technology, the Ocean Optics version of Hydra is quite a bit more benign and far more helpful. Our Hydra is a fiber-coupled light mixer that features nine SMA 905 connectors, each of which can be used as inputs or outputs for light. Light coming into the Hydra is mixed homogeneously inside the Hydra’s changer. The intensities of the outgoing light are at the same level, with intensity matching of better than 1%. Inside the Hydra is Spectralon diffuse reflectance material, which offers reflection efficiency better than 90% over the wavelength range from 200-2500 nm.

  • Light mixing – up to nine ports for light input/output
  • Homogeneous output – light intensity matching within 1% at each output
  • Reflective mixing material – integrated integrating sphere with >90% reflectivity from 200-2500 nm

Engineering Specifications Hydra
Dimensions: 60 mm height x 45 mm diameter
Input/output ports: 9
Connectors: SMA 905
Integrating sphere material: Spectralon
Integrating sphere reflectivity: ~99% from 200-2500 nm

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