Lab-grade Bifurcated Fibers

Lab-grade Bifurcated Fibers


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bifurcated-fiber drawing

Our laboratory-grade bifurcated fiber assemblies offer high quality at an affordable price, and connect easily to Ocean Optics spectrometers, light sources and sampling accessories. Bifurcated fibers are good for efficiently routing equal amounts of light from a source to two different locations, and from a single sample to two spectrometers configured for different wavelength ranges (UV/VIS and VIS/NIR). 


  • Y-shaped assemblies with two fibers of the same diameter side-by-side in the common end, which then diverge into two separate legs.
  • The fibers in the assembly may be UV-VIS, VIS-NIR or one of each (a “mixed” bifurcated assembly).
  • PVDF zip tube jacket
  • Standard hex-nut SMA connectors
  • Can improve coupling efficiency when using a spectrometer with a tall detector, such as the QE Pro, Maya, NIRQuest, or Ventana.

Engineering Specifications Lab-grade Bifurcated Fibers
Jacket: PVDF zip tube
Connectors: Standard hex-nut SMA
Length: 2 m
Fiber core size: 50 – 600 μm (see product variations table for options)
Wavelength range: UV/VIS, VIS/NIR, mixed (see product variations table for options)
Fiber Buffer: See Fiber Bend Radius and Mechanical Specifications for details
Bend radius: See Fiber Bend Radius and Mechanical Specifications for details

Measurement Techniques in which this product is used: