LED-PS Power Supply-Controller

LED-PS Power Supply-Controller


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The LED-PS is a power supply and controller for use when making spectroradiometric and color measurements of LEDs with the FOIS-1 fiber optic integrating sphere. The LED-PS powers the LED, holds the LED in place and displays the LED’s drive current, which is adjustable from 12-50 mA.

The LED-PS unit has easy-to-reach electrical connectors for mounting LEDs that are 9.52-mm diameter or smaller with 2.77-mm lead spacing. A NIST-traceable version (LED-PS-NIST) is also available.

  • Power supply-controller — drives LED current for LED color and irradiance applications
  • Adjustable drive current – control current from 12-50 mA
  • Sphere compatibility – designed for use with FOIS-1 integrating sphere

Engineering Specifications LED-PS
Dimensions: 56.8 mm x 56.8 mm x 56 mm (LWH)
Weight: 170 g
LED drive current: 12-50 mA with 0.1 mA resolution
LED drive current accuracy: ± 1.0%
LED mount: 2.77 mm lead spacing, PTFE base
Power consumption: Up to 100 mA @ 12 VDC; depends on setting
Calibration: With NIST-traceable version (LED-PS-NIST)

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