Light Source Accessories


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Did you lose the reflective insert for the ecoVis? Find replacement light source accessories in the table below.

If you do not see the part you are missing, contact Ocean Optics for more information.

Item Description
USB-ADP-PX2 Adapter block and cable to connect the PX-2 Pulsed Xenon Lamp or LS-450 Pulsed Blue LED to the USB2000
ecoVis Insert Replacement chromium-plated reflective insert for the ecoVis light source
FCBarrel 6.35-mm OD stainless steel barrel threaded for FC connectors; accommodates 74-series Collimating Lenses
FOT-SMAWRENCH SMA wrench for easily attaching Ocean Optics Laboratory-grade optical fibers to SMA 905 Connectors
PS-HG1-ADP Adapter for connecting a spectrometer/cuvette holder system (such as the PALM-SPEC) to an HG-1