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Ocean Optics linear variable filters (LVFs) are available with accessories for mounting the filters in fluorescence and absorbance setups:

  • The FHS-LVF allows you to mount LVFs in-line, by attaching an optical fiber to the collimating lenses on each side of the device.
  • The LVF-CUV-ADP is an adapter for mounting the LVFs into the filter slot of a cuvette holder such as our CUV-ALL-UV. Add the CVD-DIFFUSE Teflon diffuser to the configuration to redirect excitation energy to the spectrometer. The diffuser also helps to set the filter position or select the wavelength passed by the filter.
  • In-line filtering – holder option for mounting filters in-line
  • Cuvette holder adapter – adapter piece fits our 1 cm cuvette holders
  • Simple installation – easy adjustment with just a few setscrews
Item Type Measurements
CVD-DIFFUSE Teflon diffuser used in cuvette holders to redirect excitation energy to spectrometer Fluorescence
FHS-LVF Holder for mounting LVFs in-line Absorbance
LVF-CUV-ADP Adapter for mounting LVFs in cuvette holders Fluorescence and absorbance

Engineering Specifications FHS-LVF LVF-CUV-ADP CVD-DIFFUSE
Type: In-line filter holder Cuvette holder adapter Cuvette holder accessory
Primary uses: Absorbance Fluorescence, absorbance Fluorescence
Key features: Includes two collimating lenses Includes cover to block ambient light Comprises Teflon diffusing material

Applications in which this product is used:

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