Maya LSL Spectrometer


Low Stray Light with High Sensitivity

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The Maya LSL spectrometer combines a back-thinned CCD array detector with low stray light optical design to produce high-sensitivity, high-throughput performance for applications ranging from chemical catalysis to Raman analysis. With rapid response and excellent accuracy, the Maya LSL is ideal for demanding applications in the life sciences and process monitoring industries, especially setups where speed and precision saves time, improves efficiency and reduces costs.

In process environments, Maya LSL’s combination of speed, sensitivity and throughput help to reduce measurement errors and ensure accuracy. LED sorting, plasma monitoring and quality control all benefit from the superior color accuracy of the Maya LSL. In addition, the spectrometer’s low stray light – 0.015% at 400 nm — extends its measurement range to 3.0 absorption units and provides great value to users making quantitative measurements.

  • High performance design – precision measurements over a wide range of sample concentrations
  • Fast, accurate color measurements – no trade-off between accuracy and speed
  • High sensitivity – high QE detector enables full-spectrum kinetics measurements
  • Replaceable slits – more freedom and ability to switch easily from one application to another

Engineering Specifications Maya LSL Spectrometer
Dimensions: 151 mm x 151 mm x 65 mm (5.94” x 5.94” x 2.56”)
Weight: 1.9 kg (4.21 lb.)
Detector: Hamamatsu S10420
Pixels (active): 2048 x 64
Pixel size: 14 µm x 14 µm
Quantum efficiency: 75% peak @ 600 nm
Wavelength range: 360-825 nm
Fiber connector: SMA 905 to single-strand optical fiber (0.22 NA)
Integration time: 7.2 ms-5 seconds
Optical resolution: <1.6 nm (FWHM)
Dynamic range (typical): 15000:1
Signal to Noise: 450:1
Stray light: <0.015% @ 400 nm
Linearity (corrected): >99.7%
Power requirement: 500 mA @ +5 VDC
Onboard pulse generator: 2 programmable strobe signals
Onboard GPIO: 8 user-programmable digital I/O
Interfaces: USB 2.0, 480 Mbps; 3-wire RS-232; SPI

Measurement Techniques in which this product is used: