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The NeoFox-GT is a small footprint phase fluorometer that couples with Ocean Optics’ oxygen sensor probes and patches to provide fast and reliable oxygen measurements in both gas and liquid phases.

With NeoFox-GT, users have the freedom to optimize their setups by selecting from a range of sensor probes, plus patches and other form factors.

Also available are complete NeoFox probe- and patch-based sensor kits, which provide all the tools you’ll need for noninvasive oxygen measurements.

  • Small Footprint
  • Simple USB interface
  • Analog output
  • RS-232 support

Ideal for measurements in:

  • Industrial Processes
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Biological / Cell Culture / Fermentation
  • Packaging

Dimensions 107.95 x 63.5 x 38.1 mm
Weight 642 g
Principle Photoluminescence quenching using a ruthenium compound: sensor measures O2 partial pressure
Parameters measured Luminescence phase shift, AC luminescence intensity temperature (via optional external thermistor) and pressure (via onboard pressure transducer)
Sensor coating formulations High-sensitivity (FOSPOR) and hydrocarbon-ready (HIOXY)
Media Gases and liquids
Communications USB, analog out
External Power Supply Voltage 4.5 – 5.5 V (5.0 V typical)
Power Consumption 2.5 W (5 V External Power, Charging, Typical)
Data Logging Rate, Maximum 10 Hz
4-20 mA Output Accuracy at 25 ºC ± 160 µA
0-5 V Output Accuracy at 25 ºC ± 50 mV
Electronics Operating Temperature 0 – 55 ºC

Applications in which this product is used:

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