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Ocean Optics offers optical mounts and posts for positioning of 74-series collimating lens in spectroscopy sampling setups. Select from among fixtures for lenses and the stainless steel optical posts that complete the assembly. Both metric and imperial threaded posts are available for mounting to optical breadboard. Here are your options:

Item Description Distinguishing Features
OPM-SMA Rounded optical mount that accepts 74-series collimating lenses and SMA 905-terminated optical fibers; screws into optical post mount Has adapter that holds a fiber flush against one end of the mount; has imperial (8/32) and metric (M6) threads
OPM-M Rounded optical mount that accepts 74-series collimating lenses and includes an M4 optical post and M6 optical post holder Designed for use with optical breadboards with metric threads
OPM-xx Optical posts for attaching to OPM-SMA Available in 1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch versions
  • Convenient – handy fixtures for mounting collimating lens in sampling setups
  • Flexible – designed for imperial and metric threaded breadboards and accessories
  • Easy integration – makes for simple setup of sampling optics

Engineering Specifications OPM-SMA OPM-M OPM-1, -2, -3, -4
Dimensions (mm): 38.1 OD x 10.2 width 30 OD x 6.5 width 12.7 OD x 25.4, 50.8, 76.2 or 101.6 height
Threads: 3/8-24 (lens holder), 8-32 (bore for mounting) 3/8-24 (lens holder), M4 (bore for mounting) ¼-20 (M6) tapped hole and 8/32 (M4) removable threaded stud
Material: Black anodized aluminum Black anodized aluminum Stainless steel

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